Free Pattern: The Sexy Rectangle Dress

July 18, 2012

Sexy and rectangle don't usually appear in the same sentence. That is unless you're sewing this summer maxi frock. No pattern needed. Very similar to Sweet Verbena's Maxi dress tutorial.
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

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Freya Lily said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow this dress really is sexy! I love it!

midwestkids said... Best Blogger Tips

Where is the link to the pattern/instructions? Or am I missing something...

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

@midwestkidsFollow Sweet Verbena's link to her tutorial for a similar dress.

anna rosa. said... Best Blogger Tips

Why sort of fabric did you use for this dress?

sajib ahmed said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the detail in that dress and your ankle strap sandals are beautiful!

Hope you had an amazing time!
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