Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns Day 1: Rapunzel

July 30, 2012

Welcome to DAY ONE of the Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns. During each day of the week (except weekends) I'll be posting the pattern of a Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon. Fun, huh?! Today we're starting out with Rapunzel. Get all the tutorials for all the Disney Princesses as I post them in the link below:

Rapunzel is a nice one to start off with because she's so much fun with the long curly hair and bright colors. So okay, let's go!
Hot glue
no-fray spray (or hair spray)

Start out with these lengths of ribbon:
Flesh colored: 3", 2¼ 
light purple: Two pieces of 2"
purple: 2", Five pieces of 4½ "
pink: ½ "
yellow: 2", and two pieces of ribbon wrapped around two pencils each equal 6" of twisted ribbon

Step 1: Roll 3" piece of flesh colored ribbon into a circle and glue. This will be your head.

Step 2. Cut 2¼ " piece at each end so that the tips are rounded. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 3: Glue 2" piece of purple to the back of your body.

Step 4: Wrap 2" piece of purple around front of body and then glue other end in back.

Step 5: Glue arms onto body's back. Then take a 2" piece of light purple and glue to back of one side of an arm.

Step 6: Wrap light purple around front of arm like you did in Step 4 and glue. Repeat with other 2" piece of light purple on other side of arm. This should be your completed body and sleeves.

Step 7: Glue one 4½ piece of purple ribbon inside the purple body.

Step 8: Glue other 4½ pieces on top of the previous piece, fanning each piece out.

Step 9: Turn body over and take each piece of long purple ribbon and glue to back. Start with the middle and work your way out.

Step 10: Make the curls. The picture below is the ribbons I used for the "Brave" ribbon sculpture but just follow the same steps with the yellow colored ribbon. Simply hot glue or tape one end of ribbon to a pencil or any other kind of long stick and wrap around then hot glue or tape other end to stick. For the Rapunzel hair I wrapped the yellow ribbon around the pencil so that the entire wrapped portion was 6" long. I repeated with another 6" on another pencil. Then put them in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 200 degrees. When done, take out of toaster oven and unwrap. The ribbon should be sufficiently curly.

Step 11: Take your ½ " of pink ribbon and make triangle cuts in the top, bottom and sides. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 12: Glue to front.

Step 13: Glue one end of the 2" piece of yellow ribbon to the top of the head.

Step 14: Roll back and glue so that you have a circle.

Step 15: Press down and glue in center.

Step 16: Cut 6" piece of curled ribbon in half and glue to back of head.

Step 17: Take other piece of 6" ribbon cut in half and glue to back of head on other side. Repeat for other 6" piece.

Step 18: Glue back of Rapunzel to the side of a headband. Voila! You're done. And your daughter has one cute ribbon Rapunzel to wear to school;)


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saras said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have a toaster oven....any ideas? Love the instructions....perfect gifts for my nieces!

KrissyVigs said... Best Blogger Tips

You can buy a fabric Stiffner in a craft store and spray the ribbon after you have curled it around the wooden pencils or dowels. It will probably have to dry for about 2-3 hours though!

Caryn S said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah no toaster oven here either, but I do have a Marvy Uchida heat gun that gets pretty darn hot pretty fast. I'm gonna try that and see if I can do it without melting my ribbon!

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

@sarasYou don't have to use a 'toaster' oven. Any old oven will do:)

Rachelb75 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, how wide is the grosgrain please? Thank you :)

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips


Natalia said... Best Blogger Tips

My little cousin loves Rapunzel.
I think it's a good idea for her birthday!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What kind of headbands do you use?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you have a master shopping list to make ALL of the princess hairbands? I LOVE THEM. Great tutorials!

Amber Rhodes said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for posting the tutorials...my girls will LOVE these!

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