Inspiration Home 4: Buckets and Zip Ties

June 24, 2011

These are really expensive too but could so easily be replicated. Just drill small holes into the buckets and connect with zip ties.

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Kristina said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow. I can't believe they want $300 for ziptied buckets that you have to zip tie yourself!!! Great idea, though!

nikkijoy said... Best Blogger Tips

This is genius! A definite one to copy on the cheap =) x

Krystyna said... Best Blogger Tips

Das ist eine wirklich gute Idee.
Und es sieht super aus.

GrĂ¼sse Krystyna

Page Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Zip Ties are a preschool teachers best friend, I use them all of the time at work. If you have kids you should always keep a pack around. This idea is great and I would love it with baskets!

legsnshoes said... Best Blogger Tips

genius. definitely a fit project

Linda P said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder why they left the handles on? $300 is a bit too pricey! Love the idea though!

Marc Kennedy said... Best Blogger Tips

I cannot find buckets like these anywhere.

amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

@Marc Kennedy

I couldn't either, so I used wire trash cans from Dollar General. Plus, I didn't have to figure out a way to poke holes in those! It turned out great!

Brendajean24 said... Best Blogger Tips

I work at Michael's Arts & Crafts and we sell these buckets every year for $1. We have so many that they never sell out completely and the price keeps dropping. I just bought ten of them yesterday for 20 cents each. :)

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